Glass Splashback Features and Colours Choices Explained
Glass Splashback


A glass splashback is a structural component that safeguards the walls of your kitchen. You’re aware that socializing with pals usually takes place in the kitchen. Additionally, it serves as a culinary research facility. Your lifestyle might be conveyed by the design of your kitchen. The kitchen was formerly a compact room with just the essential cooking facilities. To hide the mess and the aroma of cooking food, it was often divided from the dining area.

Glass Splashback

Glass splashback usage in modern kitchens

The kitchens in contemporary houses are bigger and have more uses. The kitchen space improves your life in several ways, with cozy sitting places, plenty of storage cupboards, and a workspace. Many individuals take great satisfaction in having a beautiful kitchen, which includes cabinets, countertops, and even pricey accessories.

The best option to decorate or renovate your kitchen to entirely transform the aesthetic is by installing a new backsplash. A clear glass backsplash, white splashbacks, metallic splashbacks, and designer splashbacks are just a few of the many options available to you.

Choosing the right colors for the glass backsplash

Many factors, including the appliances, the benchtop, the cabinets, and the floor, must be taken into consideration when deciding on a single color or color combination for your glass splashback. This complicates the process of picking colors. Spend some time thinking about your choices and selecting colors. Perhaps you should picture how the kitchen would look with that color of glass as a backsplash.

Please allow us to walk you through some regularly asked questions and suggestions to assist you in selecting the ideal glass splashback colors for your kitchen.

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Glass Splashback

Will the color appear differently behind the glass splashback?

Regular transparent glass has iron as a component, and many glass producers employ iron in their operations. The edges of the glass take on a greenish tinge since iron is known to react with paint and color. This implies that a typical glass might cause the color to be distorted, making it seem completely different from how you had imagined the color you chose to be.

To ensure better quality and correct coloration, use a provider that makes glass using low iron. Low-iron glass has the following qualities:

  • Transparency
  • Light transmission
  • Brightness
  • Restitution of color

The transparency of the low-iron glass is increased by 5% as compared to conventional clear glass. Higher clarity results from this. As a result, the desired color is shown through the glass without distortion or loss.

Glass Splashback

Will only solid colors work with glass splashbacks?

Solid colors often conjure up images of paint with a basic finish. A focal point is created in your kitchen when wall colors are matched with a glass finish, which is quite distinct from other finishes.

In addition to plain colors, there are many more alternatives available when selecting a glass splashback. With the help of the special two-step vinyl manufacturing process, designers can produce a variety of colors, depths, and even fake bricks or tiles. For modern aesthetics and to give your kitchen a sensation of spaciousness, choose a metallic or white kitchen backsplash treatment.

Straight lines, geometric shapes, waves, swirls, and haphazard patterns are examples of textures. These result in an intriguing visual experience that transforms your kitchen into another realm.

Will the color of the glass splashback deteriorate over time?

Glass splashbacks may have colors and finishes that are ageless without deteriorating. Many reliable providers in Melbourne offer a 10-year warranty that covers color fading and discoloration for their regular color palette and metallics. 

Glass splashback colors for enduring durability

There are several paints and finishes to choose from. Low sheen, semi-gloss, and matt paint finishes maintain their brilliance for years. The most important component of a glass kitchen backsplash design is flexibility. It has many color, texture, and finish options and can be incorporated into any kitchen design.

Glass splashbacks are available in digital prints, mirrored glass, patterns, and even your own photo, in addition to the fantastic paint colors. The only restriction, in this case, is your imagination. You should start giving your kitchen some love. Make the changes you’ve always wanted to make to your favorite area.